October 21, 2007

New York

Well it's about time I posted something new on this blog! I've been playing catch up all week that I have neglected to post! I have so many wonderful pictures from New York but not wanting to bore anyone, I have selected some of my favorites. Every time I go up there I love it more and more. Upstate New York is the most glorious places ever especially in the fall. It has such a historical and slow paced feel you can't go there without feeling relaxed. Even with all the hectic party planning and late nights shooting muffins, I still felt relaxed. My most favorite part about New York, besides my wonderful grandparent's being up there and the extensive family history we have, the best part is being a couple miles away from the glorious place where the birth place of my faith resides. How can you not come back feeling better about life when you get to visit the Sacred Grove? I have renewed desire to be better, to pray harder and to serve more. I know the church is true. Here are some fun pictures from my trip. And a note to my family, I will have ALL of these ready for you guys by the end of this week, hopefully sooner!

Bon-fire in Grandma and Grandpa's backyard eating s'mores, freezing our bums off but having a great time.

My grandpa builds the best fires, that thing could have gone all night long!
Party Time!

The reason for the celebration

After 50 years, they still act like newly weds :)

The party throwers, planners, decorators, photographers, musical talents, dj's, caterers and all part of the same family. Yes, we are for hire :)
Palmyra Temple

Glorious view from the Sacred Grove

Sacred Grove


Karon said...

I love your picture of the temple! It looks just gorgeous with those autumn leaves. We would love to have a unique photograph of the Atlanta or the Mount Timpanogos temple, so if you ever take one and you are selling copies, let us know!

Melissa said...

I should have gone to the atlanta temple since i was stuck there for 3 hours waiting for our layover! Maybe next time :)