September 4, 2007


Well, I'm back from a glorious trip to Colorado and Utah. It was so beautiful, relaxing, and fun. I was very proud of Clara, she handled the car and the constant changing so well. Our first destination was Grand Lake, Colorado in the Rocky Mountains. It was such a beautiful and charming town on the shores of a huge mountain lake. I couldn't believe how quiet it was up there and how wonderful the weather was; it never got above 80 degrees. It was rainy most of the time but there were a couple days of glorious sunlight. I have a ton of pictures to share so here goes.... and in no particular order either, very random but I'll try and explain them.

I was bored in the car and thought the clouds were pretty, this was on the long road through Texas.
My mom and I were trying to get Clara to go to sleep in the car so we went for a drive while Melanie and Dad were fishing. We drove by a bunch of people outside their car but we couldn't see anything, my mom thought it was beavers but I had to go and take a closer look and there were 3 Elk in the river.

This was on our drive up to the very top of the Rocky Mountains in the Tundra. Practically on top of the world, it was gorgeous!

The fishing master at work. He caught about 10+ fish, I caught 2, and Melanie caught 3.

Just a beautiful picture

This was a beautiful overlook

My family walking to the top of the world

Soaking it in

More tundra, check out the glaciers.

This was the view outside of our condo - awesome!

There was a flock of Canadian geese hanging out in the lake, Clara would woof at them.

The cute little town of Grand Lake and the cutest girl there.

Just a random hike to a little pond.

Me and the best baby ever

This is where I caught my 2 fish - on a fly road for that matter, my first time - it was a beautiful spot.

He was in heaven

Grand Lake at sunset

Clara and me hanging out at our Cabin in Meeker.

ok that is all for now, be prepared for many many many more :)


The McKays said...

Wow! Those are gorgeous! My favs are the ones of Clara and her grandma sitting on the rocks, looking out across the valley, the one of Clara on the bench, the one of the family walking up the path, and the last one of you and her together. Looks like you guys had a fun trip! Can't wait to see more!

Kristal Mulder said...

You look great! Your arm is so tiny in that pic and your hair looks great! I'm jealous! Since December, I've only averaged 2lbs per MONTH! AHH! I have 10lbs to lose in 5 weeks! AHH again! This picturs are AMAZING though. You did an awesome job! Come teach me! The pic of your dad fishing is great! And Clara keeps gettin cuter! You guys need to come visit Az next. It's beautiful up here in the that we're in the mountains...tons of aspens! Love it! COME OVER!!!

Glad your back