August 2, 2007

Help Me Choose

I saw this adorable car seat cover on Lacey's blog and decided Clara needed one too. We bought the Britax Roundabout because it is one of the safest car seats you can buy but it isn't very cute. So to make it more Clara style, I need help choosing a cover!!! Here's what I have narrowed it down to and here's a link if you want to check out the ebay store ...

Green Paisley
Retro Flowers
Carnival Bloom
Loralye Encircled


Kara said...

I'm a carseat tech, and I have to say that carseat covers that aren't made by the manufacturer of the carseat are not safe to use and void your seat's warranty. If you want any more information, feel free to email me at :D

The McKays said...

Well, you already know which one I like the best! But that green paisley one is pretty darn cute too!

I don't see how the cover would be any less safe. It's made just like the manufactured one and fits perfectly! The only thing it doesn't have is a pocket on the back to hold the latch system.

I actually just put mine on right over the other one. I know that's probably a huge no-no, considering how thick the padding is now (supposedly the padding can squish upon a strong impact, leaving too much room between the child and the straps).

But she's probably right about the warranty. I didn't think of that.

Melissa said...

it's still cute and i don't see how they would know the difference if you took the pad off or not, i mean you have to take it off to wash anyways, right? What does it matter if it is different?

The McKays said...

Okay, here it is:

The warranty reads "The use of non-Britax Child Saftey, Inc. covers, inserts, toys, accessories, or tightening devices is not approved by Britax. Their use could cause this restraint to fail Federal Saftey Standards or perform worse in a crash. Their use automatically voids the Britax warranty."

They have to say this because you know there is going to be someone out there who tries to make their own cover and doesn't put enough padding in it or whatever, and the company can't be held responsible for that.

However, if something should break on the seat and you wanted to submit a claim (within one year of purchase) then you would have to lie about what cover you were using (if they even asked). And chances are, you would just need a replacement part, which would have nothing to do with the cover anyway.

That said, these covers are made very well and they have just as much padding as the original cover. I would not use it if I thought I was compromising my daughter's safety in any way.

I took off the original cover today because I know that too much padding is not necessarily a good thing either, as I mentioned before.

The McKays said...

Okay, I thought of an incident where this could be a problem...

Let's say that you are in an accident and you are not happy with the performance of the car seat. So you file a claim with the company and try to use the warranty, but the company asks for photographs of the accident and they notice that the car seat does not have it's original cover on it and they void the warranty...

So just don't get into any accidents and you're good to go! :)

Melissa said...

you're funny lacey, let's hope we never incounter any of those problems and we will be all good :) thanks for all your info :)