July 11, 2007


It finally happened, the 5th movie in the Harry Potter series finally came out but I got the satisfaction of seeing it a whole 6 hours before everyone else.... probably not everyone else but at least a couple million. My sister, Michelle gets a lot of hook ups and this was one of them. We were both able to go the the Premier of Harry Potter & The Order of The Phoenix. I would have to say that my taste for Harry was definitely satisfied. It was a great movie and a great addition to the series. Unfortunately it left a lot out and changed quite a bit from the book, but I guess that has to be expected or the movie would have been 10 hours long. I think they did a terrific job of getting rid of the annoying aspects of the book and portraying the scenes and characters the way I imagined. It really was a terrific movie, I can't wait - though a little scared - for the book to come out!!!!!


Karon said...

How cool that you got to see the movie so early! I agree with you about the book though-I'm scared!

Anonymous said...

Oh, well, that's absolutely wonderful, I couldn't imagine anything more wonderful, well maybe being stabbed in the eyes with forks. Just kidding, that is exciting for YOU. I thought about you yesterday when we went to barnes and nobel and they had all of their harry pottery stuff for their big midnight party. Good stuff. (I guess)