July 5, 2007

An All American Day

What's more American than swimming? A BBQ? Watermelon? And some awesome fireworks?

As you all know, yesterday was the 4th of July. It has been several years since our family has all been together for it. Unfortunately Michelle and Matt weren't there but everyone else was and it was Clara's first. It was such a fun day! It has been raining non stop for weeks now and this was probably the first day in many that we didn't see ANY rain! It was still cloudy and cool but it didn't stop us all from swimming - purple lips and all.

There were a lot of firsts today:
First time to have kabobs

first time for Clara to swim

Notice Clara is holding watermelon in these pictures. We could not get Clara to let go of her watermelon. She took it into the pool with her and when you tried to take it away, she would scream. So we just let her be. She chewed on the same piece of watermelon for at least a half hour.

It was also the first time for it to not get above 90 in July,
and the first time Tyler realized he could touch the bottom!!

I think that was the most exciting part of the day. The poor guy has been afraid to leave the steps for years even with some help. But some how Robert (he's so great) talked him into it!!! It was amazing! Tyler was so proud of himself and was so excited that he was jumping off the side like crazy. It might not seem like that important of a thing, but to our family it was a very happy occasion.

We had lots to eat and lots of swimming but you cannot forget the crown jewel of the Patterson Family 4th of July ... The Firework Pizza ... mmmmm..... My personal favorite. I love how every holiday has a special food that you only make on that occasion and for the 4th it is ALWAYS the fruit pizza.
The food is always so yummy and the weather was so nice. It was a terrific day for a party. Here are some more fun pics of the day.

Lots and Lots of Watermelon....

And what would the 4th of July be without the Fireworks!?!

I hope everyone had a fabulous 4th as well.


Chelsea said...

looks like you guys had lot of fun!!! I wish we were there to hang with you! The kids and i will be there on sunday!! hope to see you!! love yall!!!!

Kristal said...

That was a stinkin long post. Love it. I really love the picture of Clara in the tube. She's soo cute!!! I miss her guts! I'm being such a slacker with our 4th pictures. I haven't even downloaded them. Maybe tonight. Oh, and I love your 2nd firework shots, with the lake and all.

The McKays said...

Dang! You took a lot of pictures yesterday!! I especially love the one of the little girl in the purple towel and the one of Clara chillin' in the inner tube. So cute! I'd planned on taking more pics, but our festivities didn't start until it was almost too dark out.

Brooke said...

You are so great! I loved the one with the two kiddos in B&W. Great pics!