May 21, 2007

Over Grown Backyard

It's been a very rainy season here in Texas and a very busy time for both Robert and me. Naturally little things like the lawn being mowed don't get done as often as they should. I'm afraid of tall grass, I hate bugs and all things creepy crawly but I decided to brave the yard and let Clara play with the flowers, she LOVES it. She likes to pull off their peddles and luckily this time she didn't try and eat them. You can hardly tell this is a backyard, it looks like a field on the side of the road or something. I think it's time to cut the grass.


Brooke said...

Cute pictures. Question, Do you think it is easier to learn manual when not taking the pictures of toddlers? I feel like every single picture I take is blurry because the shutter is so slow and they dart and I get a blurry shot. I had so much better success when shooting my kiddos in automatic in the nice light. What's the deal?

Melissa Fullmer said...

it is hard to learn manual with kids, very hard! It was hard for me to remember to change all the settings etc. and get her to look at me. But, before you give up, try a couple things to make your shutter speed faster, change your ISO, lower your aperture, stuff like that. What kind of camera/lenses do you have?