May 14, 2007

Mother's Day

I hope everyone's was really special!! Robert was such a sweetheart and tried really hard for it to be very special. He bought me my favorite flowers and wrote me a love note. Then he made me breakfast and gave me some sweet gifts from him and Clara. It was really special. I love my family very much. And I am especially grateful for my wonderful mother who does so much for me!! And let's not forget my awesome Mother-in-law who treats me like I was her own and raised such a terrific son. I'm grateful for all the wonderful mothers in my life!


Anonymous said...

brown noser

Anonymous said...

just kidding! That's sweet! However, as you may have read on my mom is the best. But I'm sure your's is a close 2nd. I really think Mother's day should be twice the holiday it is. I'm still a believer that mom's go unappreciated WAY too much! BUt happy mother's day!!!!!

Melissa Fullmer said...

I totally agree, moms need more credit and the more kids you have the more presents you need!!