April 30, 2007


PHEW! Robert's semester is finally over!! IT seemed like it went on forever! He's gotten 2 grades back so far and he's doing pretty good. I'm so proud of him. I know it can't be easy having a family, job, and school to worry about all at once. It's not completely over yet, he still has about 1 more semester. He starts a new job tomorrow too! Exciting!! I love him so much and I am so proud of him.


Kristal said...

Ok, yes, it is hard to go to school and have a job and a family...but let's not forget our talk...at least he can pee standing up, he doesn't have a "time of the month" he doesn' thave to put on make up, cook, curl his hair, wear a bra, breast feed..yadda yadda! But yes, good job Robert! We're excited for you guys! One step closer to moving to Az!!!

Melissa Fullmer said...

Yeah, boys have it so easy. Stupid bras. AZ would be awesome, maybe in a couple years!!