April 15, 2007


Saturday night we finally got a night with our newly wed friends. I don't think we have done anything with them since they have been married, I blame them. Mrs. Betty cooked us some good meatloaf and greenbean casserole, it was so goooood!!! We were supposed to play Harry Potter Scene It but being the old fart that I am I totally forgot to bring it. So we ended up dumping Clara at the in laws and headed to the movies. We saw Blades of Glory and it was pretty much everything I expected. Awkward humor, questionable content, more awkward humor but it was still funny and we laughed our heads off. I probably wouldn't recommend it to anyone but it wasn't that bad.... just awkward.... We had a really great time. It has been a while since we have hung out with friends. We should do it more often, it really is fun. And I just love their cute little apartment! To see more fun photos of the Ram's click here.