March 3, 2007

Face Off

So today I watched my niece Emma and Robert and I decided to sit them down beside each other and see what they did. They haven't gotten to spend much time together one on one so they were absolutely enthralled by each other. It was so funny watching them. Robert was trying to get them both to smile and Clara was laughing hysterically but Emma was watching him like "you are soooo not funny." It was hilarious. They had a fun time staring each other down and grabing at the other's socks. I bet they will have lots of fun together.


The 4 Fullmers said...

Thank you so much for watching Emma, and for taking pictures, they are so cute!

Tracy said...

dearest melissa. please post more pictures. soon. :)

Anonymous said...

These are soo cute! Love Clara's smile in the 2nd one down! I LOVE that girl! It was soo fun to have you guys here! Come again soon!!! We'd come there, but Texas sucks!! Can't wait to see what pics you got from Az. I'll make a CD of the ones I have and send em with this sippy cup and whatever else you decided to leave behind.